Nick, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the Communication Course work over the past few days. It really challenged me in a large part and this can only attributed to your skillful facilitating skills. Illustrating the various behavioural types that we may or may not encounter has enabled me to be a more confident and courageous leader. I wish I had additional time to glean more knowledge from your vast experiences and knowledge, I seemed to be soaking it up like a sponge and just wanted more and more. Keep up the great work and enthusiasm, I will definitely look for additional training where you are the facilitator.

Chris Callaghan

C.Tech., Peterborough Utilities Services Inc.

Nick is an experienced high skilled facilitator and trainer who relates well to people and their workplace challenges. He is able to put issues in perspective and address challenges with intelligence and wisdom. His knowledge and experience show through with some of our most closed minded – too old to change leaders. We have utilized Nick’s talents since 1995 and continue to capitalize on his availability. He gets results and leaves a positive indelible mark.

Paul Maher. BA, MBA, MSc

Director, Human Resources, Meridian Light Weight Technologies International

We at Hammond Power Solutions have worked with Nick on several different occasions. His knowledge and expertise is second to none and as a result our salaried and hourly associates respect him and look forward to his training sessions.

Larry Lichty

Director, Human Resources, Hammond Power Solutions

A very pleasant and out going gentleman, Nick coached me through some very turbulent times and instilled the confidence and courage that I needed to make some very difficult decisions. His coaching techniques were straight and to the point and always left me options. In a directive approach Nick was able to remove roadblocks to optimal work performance and the decisions that were made enabled our business unit to thrive in an atmosphere of uncertainty

Justine Henhawk-Bomberry. Hon, BA, ma.

Director of Student Services & Counselling. Grand River Post Secondary Education Office

Nick designed, delivered and monitored a customized in house Train The Trainer program that incorporated adult learning and facilitation techniques that were instrumental in improving the growth and development of our apprentices.
Michelle Ock

Manager, Organizational Development Toronto Hydro Electric System

Over the past twenty plus years, we have engaged Nick’s facilitation and coaching expertise and have found him to be current in his knowledge and extremely professional. In developing our leadership team, his expertise has delivered measureable positive results and we continue to utilize his services today.

Paul Boyd

Manager Manufacturing, Stackpole PMD

Nick’s extroverted style and pragmatic approach to Strategic Planning enabled our management team to develop a five year strategic plan with measureable yearly objectives. His sensitivity towards all members of our management team allowed us the opportunity to participate in an open and friendly environment. The end result was well worth the investment.

Lori Davis Hill. BScN, MSc.

Director, Family Health Services, Six Nations

I gained a great deal from Nick’s personalized coaching techniques. Our one on one coaching sessions helped me understand that the most important thing that I can do in life is listen. Listen for the verbal, vocal and visual aspects of the communication process. Nick embedded the finer points of Emotional Intelligence and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques that has enabled me to understand the true position of our employees and the business at large. People have the answers within them. It is up to my leadership team to listen and foster an environment of growth and success for them. Nick’s coaching has provided me with that opportunity and I am grateful to him

Michael Staples. BSc. PEng. MBA.

General Manager, K-Bro Linen

We have engaged Nick’s services over the past several years for our Operations Management Team. All of our team members have been and continue to be extremely satisfied with the quality and depth of training and follow up that Nick provides. I highly recommend engaging Nick’s expertise.

Fabrizio Gagliardo

Manager, Talent Acquisition & Development, Ferrero Canada

Nick’s curriculum is rooted in his vast experience and engaging delivery. His stories and examples are practical and based on real life experiences. Years later our leadership team still remember his lessons and ask that he return. His connection with our people is perpetual.

Gerry Plunkett

Plant Manufacturing Leader, Mondelez International

Thank you Nick for encouraging me to get my CHRP designation. Your confidence and the lessons you taught, enabled me to reach a plateau that I never thought possible.
Lindsay Dumanski

Manager, Human Resources, Drake Meats, Saskatchewan

If you want mediocre training for your supervisors and managers hire someone else. If you are interested in motivating, escalating skill sets, committed to high performance and continuous improvement and want to build a leadership team at a level unknown to most, hire Nick Pollice. Nick will build cohesion with your group that can take some years to do and he does it with a sense of class that is second to none.

Peter Ayres

Plant Manager, Nordock Integrated Warehouse Solutions

I requested Nick for three mediation sessions in Calgary, Alberta. In all three sessions, he came into a rather tense situation filled with disintegration and anarchy. Nick engaged union and company officials in separate meetings and was able to facilitate a fabulous and productive conversation between all parties, resulting in three successful mediated solutions. He saved us a significant sum of money and was able to lay the foundation for better working relationships between all parties. We continue to use Nick’s talents on a regular basis. He did a wonderful job and is well respected in our company

Geoff Smith. BA, CHRP, MBA.

Director, Human Resources, St. Gobain Inc.

Nick was a great facilatator. I waited for almost a year to attend one of his public courses. He was everything my coworkers said he was. He gave us many opportunities to participate and everyone did. After leaving I felt full and complete. Absolutely loved Nick’s examples of the good, bad and ugly management practices that he has experienced. Nick allowed for great discussion points, wonderfully informative.

Dina Sokkar

National Credit Manager, Continental Tire Canada Inc.

Nick is a skilled facilitator. Over our three day period, he was able to capture and maintain the attention and participation levels of the entire group. Nick offered practical solutions that were relevant to todays managers. My time with Nick was a great experience.

Kathryn Weidhass

Manager, Human Resources – Employee Relations, City of Waterloo

Nick shared his skills, abilities and experiences with our team of CEO’s and it was extremely well received. He demonstrated the value and operational application of the Human Resources function in organizations. Several of our people stayed after the presentation to discuss his positive impact further. Thank you Nick for a job well done.

Mary Ellen Hodgins

Vice President, Grounded Strategies

Nick is a very engaging and highly skilled facilitator who made a lasting impression on our managers. We contacted Nick late in the game and he came prepared. With very little notice he provided our new managers with up to date training filled with hands on learning and real life experiences. Nick operations and business background was so solid that he could relate to our managers and the challenges they face. We are bringing Nick back to do the same training for another set of managers and hiring him to develop a specialized program that will build on concepts learned in this initial training.

Laura Fitzsimmons

Strategic HR Business Advisor, Ontario Clean Water Agency

I just wanted to comment on the absolutely outstanding job the facilitator Nick Pollice did with the Leadership session the past two days. My expectations were more than met with his methods and delivery. I look forward for the opportunity to attend further programs if Nick would once again be the facilitator. He was top notch; excellent sourcing for the City of Kitchener.

City of Kitchener Employee

The management and leadership services that Nick provided enabled my team to build the foundation that was required to help them advance to the next level of performance excellence. Nick has the unique and unmatched ability to make people feel comfortable and create an open, risk free environment where you felt free to explore real life situations. It was great to see my team so positively energized by the whole experience

Robert Torresin

Vice President Operations, AWC Manufacturing

Nick is a first class professional experienced facilitator. A great communicator with extensive business experiences his talent for interacting with others is second to none. Funny, engaging and extremely perceptive; he held my undivided attention for three full days. I enjoyed his leadership session immensley and took away several key learning techniques. I look forward to engaging his services again in the near future.

Irene O’Connor

Director, Human Resource Planning, Supreme Court of Canada

I have experienced Nick’s seminars on a couple of occasions. He is a great experienced presenter who is engaging, supportive and uses a very interactive approach. He has helped many our supervisors at Ferrero in several ways. It is and always will be a pleasure to attend his seminars.

Ivano Gatti

Warehouse Supervisor, Ferrero Canada.

Nick is a very affable person. He engaged our Six Nations Elected Council in the facilitation of a Strategic & Operational Plan. Although at times Councillors had their own agenda, Nick professionally confronted the challenges, engaged our Council in productive conversation and ensured that all of our Councillors were able to work in a safe effective environment. Our Council was able to achieve the aggressive results that we had planned under Nick’s direction. I know of very few consultants that could have delivered results in accordance to our high expectations. Nick continues to work with several of our business units throughout the Six Nations Community because of his ability to get results and the high degree of trust that we have in him.

Ava Hill – Chief Elected Council

of the Six Nations of the Grand River