Nicholas (Nick) Pollice

Nick has been working full time as an international consultant and conflict resolution practitioner since 1989 when he founded the Pollice Management Consulting Group, a full service consulting, facilitation and conflict management organization.

A professional consultant, presenter and facilitator since 1986, Nick has a busy practice which practically and realistically has assisted over ten thousand employees, from public and private sector North American organizations in the art of operations management, conflict resolution, mediation, emotional intelligence and negotiation.

During a thirty year career in industry, twenty-five of which were invested in the food industry, Nick has held senior positions in industrial engineering, manufacturing, logistics and human resources. With extensive experience in leading and managing in an operations environment, Nick and his business unit consistently met targeted commitments.

Nick is a Canadian living in the Niagara Region in Ontario, Canada, He is the President of the Pollice Management Consulting Group Inc., a member of numerous professional organizations and has a diploma in Industrial Management Technology (Mohawk College) and degrees in Industrial Engineering (Ryerson) and Business Administration (Brock University).

Author and co-author of several professional articles, his expertise is in operations management, human behaviour, strategic facilitation and conflict resolution.

A Certified Coach and Facilitator (McMaster University) as well as, Practitioner in Human Behaviour and Conflict Resolution (University of Waterloo), Nick is also a Qualified Licensed Mediator in the Province of Ontario. Nick is also a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP Canada) and Certified Practitioner in Emotional Intelligence (Robert Hartman Institute) and Myers Briggs (Psychometrics Canada).

Nick currently serves on advisory councils for GoWrench, GoLearning, PHM Brands and Viobin aiding in strategic, tactical and operational planning.

 Nick’s “in the trenches” knowledge and expertise has lead clients to consistently rate the impact of his ability, skill and knowledge in the top 5%.