Nicholas (Nick) Pollice

Nick has been working full time as an international consultant and conflict resolution practitioner since 1989 when he co-founded the Pollice Management Consulting Group, a full service consulting, facilitation and conflict management organization.

A professional consultant, presenter and facilitator since 1986, Nick has a busy practice which practically and realistically has assisted over ten thousand employees, from public and private sector North American organizations in the art of operations management, conflict resolution, mediation, emotional intelligence and negotiation.

During a twenty- five year career in industry, twenty – two of which were invested in the food industry, Nick has held senior positions in industrial engineering, manufacturing, logistics and human resources. With extensive experience in leading and managing in an operations environment, Nick and his business unit consistently met or exceeded targeted commitments.

Nick lives in Southern Ontario, Canada, and is the President of the Pollice Management Consulting Group Inc.  A member of numerous professional organizations Nick has a technology diploma in Industrial Management and degrees in Industrial Engineering and Business Administration.

Author and co-author of several professional articles, his expertise is in operations management, human behaviour, and conflict resolution.

A Certified Coach and Facilitator as well as, Practitioner in Human Behaviour and Conflict Resolution, Nick is also a Qualified Licensed Mediator in the Province of Ontario. Nick also holds designations as a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Certified Practitioner in the human science of Emotional Intelligence and Myers Briggs.

Nick’s “in the trenches” knowledge and expertise has lead clients to consistently rate the impact of his ability, skill and knowledge in the top 5%.

He maintains his positive frame of mind by collecting vintage NHL trading cards, gardening, swimming, mediating difficult situations and reading.

Nick was a member of the Coaching Team that lead the 2012 Brantford Bobcats, Junior Ladies Softball Team to a Provincial Gold Medal in Palmerston, Ontario and Canadian National Gold Medal in Truro, Nova Scotia, as well as; the 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Provincial Gold Medal in Listowel, Guelph, Innerkip and Milton, Ontario respectively. He was also the Head Coach of the Canadian Women’s International Softball Team that captured the Gold Medal in the Caribbean Women’s Softball Tournament in Aruba, 2016.

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Getting To
Know Nick

Full Name

Nicholas Anthony Joseph Pollice


Born and raised in Hamilton Ontario; lived in the area most of my life; educated in Hamilton, Toronto, St. Catharine’s, Montreal, Waterloo and Knoxville, Tennessee.



Job Description

As President of the Pollice Management Consulting Group I take full responsibility for myself and our associates in providing our clients with full service customized training, coaching, facilitation skills and conflict resolution services in a professional and swift manner so our clients can get on with their business. We work with a number of high profile international clients all with unique and at times special needs.

 At Pollice Management, we have some exciting assignments coming up. Several Mediations, Strategic Facilitations and client re-organizations – just to name a few. We continue to maintain a strong balance between human and financial capital and are always eager to participate in exciting opportunities.

Biggest surprise in your job

I’ve always enjoyed challenging boundaries and experiencing those “WOW” moments. Having said that I must say that my biggest surprise is that we as a company do not actively search for new business. All of our business is through repeat clients, referrals from clients and transitory clients. We currently book six to eight months in advance and every new contact we make leads us to bigger and better opportunities.

What Do You Like The Most About Your Job?

The opportunity to meet new people, embrace new challenges and learn from others.

What Is It About Your Job That Brings A Smile To You Face?

I’m laughing already – I think back to 1989 when I first started; I was told that I have a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience that would be helpful but, I didn’t have enough white hair to be believable. Now thirty years later, I’m told that I have a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience that would be helpful but, I may have too much white hair that might hinder my ability to relate to younger employees. I guess we all know how that is working out.

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Favourite Meal

New York Striploin with asparagus and spinach.

Favourite Dessert

Very rarely do I eat dessert but, when I do I prefer pecan pie.

Favourite quote

“Those who say it can’t be done, should not stand in the way of those who are doing it.”

Do you go to the gym?

Yes; four to five times per week; belong to the YMCA so I can go to any YMCA, anywhere in the free world when I travel.